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Funny picture of grannies in Japan with funny boob like scarf

They even thought of the tattoos!

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An amazing performance by Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent. 

She sang singing "I dreamed a dream" from Les Miserables 



The best Japanese Prank)

Asians Are Funny
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Joseph Poolpo



Eye Exam Torture

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights


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Helpful resources include useful tools, helpful links, and featured pages of  online services and products including resources for dating and matchmaking, finding a job in the USA or globally, saving on  airlines tickets and travel,  sites building and hosting, tips for making money, sites for wiring money or remitting cash, deals on international calls and cell phones, sources for online education  and more.....

The new content in the Lebanon's Section can be viewed here

Updated Sections and Lebanon-related pages

Funny videos page and gags has been changed into a section by which each hilarious bizarre fun video or ad is on a single page.  Here are the listed films now.Also check the old list of funny video clips is posted here.

Lebanese Elections Links: Website offering internet forums and information for Lebanese elections discussions, debates, surveys, parliament , mayoral, municipal, and other local election results, archives, virtual elections, elections program, profiles for the candidates, petitions, Lebanese electoral laws, and the European and International election observation missions.

Go to the Lebanese News Page to follow the recent news in Lebanon including the news about Ghazi Kenaan suicide and the United Nations Investigator the German Prosecutor Detlev Mehlis probe standing and report about the assassination of Mr. Harriri.
The links also covers the 2005 democratic Lebanese election results held for the first time in thirty years without a major Syrian or Israeli influence in Beirut, Mount Lebanon, North and South Lebanon, and the Bekaa Valley. Numerous Lebanese parties and independent individuals across Lebanon's political mosaic participated including: The Free Patriotic Movement - Michel Aoun, Almoustaqbal Current - Saad El Deen Hariri, Amal Movement , Hizballah or Hezballah, Lebanese Forces, Socialist Progressive Party, Tashnak,.. All lebanese sects: Maronites, Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Evangelists, Sunnis, Greek Catholic, Evangelical, Shia, Armenian Orthodox and Catholics, Druze, Alawites... Examples include: Al Istiklal 05, ElectionWorld.Org - Lebanon, European Union - Election Observation Mission to Lebanon, Lebanon Elect and Liban Vote.  نتائج ومعلومات واخبار عن الانتخابات البرلمانية اللبنانية

YES The Movie A page devoted to the story of a passionate love affair between an American woman (Joan Allen) and a Middle-Eastern Lebanese man (Simon Abkarian) in which they confront some of the greatest conflicts of our generation - religious, political and sexual. Sam Neill plays the  betrayed and betraying politician husband, Sheila Hancock the beloved aunt and  Shirley Henderson the philosophical cleaner who witnesses the trail of dirt  and heartbreak the lovers leave behind them, as they embark on a journey that takes them from London and Belfast to Beirut and Havana.

Dating and Matchmaking:  American, Lebanese, and Arab dating sites for all women and men for love, romance, friendship or more.   (  مواقع تعّرف وصداقة ومعاشرة عربية لبنانية اميركية )    

Travel: Online resources for great deals on airlines tickets, hotels, rental cars, cruises, and more...

List of Cell Phone Makers and Models:

Websites Building and Hosting: Links to great deals on web hosting and servers. Free site building, high storage capacity, and high transfer.

Chat Room: Here you can meet or chat with American Lebanese, Lebanese, or people of  Arabic descent worldwide, or friends from all over the world.  (  غرفة الدردشة)

Best Arabic Sites: A collection linking to the lists of top Arab websites by popularity.  مواقع عرب ممتازة

Investing and Money Making Tips: Read tips for making and saving money in the international monetary market. ( تعّلم افضل الوسائل للأسثمار والحفاظ على اموالك)

Funny Video Clips: The best of the funniest and sexiest online American, European, and other international movie and videos clips of real incidents and fun commercials stuff. ( افلام سكسية ومثيرة للضحك من جميع انحاء العالم  -  مقاطع مضحكة - لقطات طريفة - قصص مسلية)

Worldwide Museums: A compiled list of the best museums worldwide.

Majestic Lebanon, Lebanese Tourist Sites, and Beirut Pictures: Great photos and info for those who wish to visit Lebanon. ( صور جميلة من لبنان )

Best International Songs: A growing list of the most popular world's songs.  The list now includes Italian, Spanish, Rai, French, 90's and Country songs. (  أفضل الاغاني )

New Lebanese Links: A collection of the recently added Lebanese websites to the pages the Lebanese directory.

Instructions in Arabic for filing the Diversity Visa program application in order to immigrate into the United States

Here is some Arabic description of some content of this site





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